There is nothing is painful as losing one’s id.I know that because I have lost mine in two occasions. The last one was a final blow for me. However, with that came a series of miracles that made the experience worth it.

It was on a Monday evening, 22nd February to be precise. I was on a shopping spree with a friend from work. We were due to travel to Mombasa on the 4th of March so we had gone to buy some fancy clothes for the trip. As we were trying on some clothes, we lost sight of my handbag and in a split, it was gone! Everything gone. If you are woman, you know all the stuff that we put in there. From my house keys, phone, money, ID card, ATM card and all manner of things. The list is questionable and endless.

After several futile attempts of trying to look for it, i RESIGNED TO MY FATE.I accepted that I had lost my handbag. I thank God for His peace that flows freely. I was able to laugh it off easily, and still do. I knew deep inside me that God was in control of everything. Since was penniless, my friend gave me some money to have things sorted out. I bought a new house lock, looked for blacksmith to break my door lock and bought supper(some mangoes). Miraculous for me, not so for my neighbor though, she had also lost her house keys so when I got there she had her ‘fundi’ busy trying to break her door. When my fundi was unable to break my lock, hers graciously assisted and I was able gain access into my house in matter of minutes.P.S got God knew I would lose my keys so he prepared for me a way out in advance!

That night, i made one simple prayer: Lord, please, please, help me get my id card back. I anticipated the airport security would bring issues if I didn’t have my id and I did not want to miss my long-awaited vacation. The next day I went to apply for a new id, reported my lost ATM to my bank, renewed my sim card and later on bought a new phone. To be honest I totally  needed a phone upgrade! One one of those people who hang on to stuff no matter how broken it my be.After that I went to work.

I work in customer service section and for the time that I have been employed, no client has ever given my money as a form of appreciation. However, the next two days, two clients out of the blue gave me a total of Ksh 1500.I had lost Ksh 1300 in that handbag. God had restored my loss and gave me a tip ! Happiest girl ever. Miracle galore.

So my life moved on, my prayers for my id continued steadily and hope was never lost. On the 29th, 3 days shy of the D-day, a stranger texted my friend that he has found my wallet and id somewhere and gave out his number so that I get in touch with him.Stunned, i called the number. The Good Samaritan had found my belongings somewhere in Nairobi,mind you i live in Nakuru, searched me via Facebook, messaged the friend who texted me and that’s how he found me. To add icing on the cake, the person works a stone throw away from my aunt who lives in Jericho estate. I directed him to drop them at shop where I know the vendor and minutes later my aunt picked them for him. Wallah, that’s is how I got my id back!!On my way to the airport met with my aunt and she gave me my belongings. I enjoyed my vacation like a person that knew that it’s only God who had made it possible.Have photos to prove! Don’t we serve a Mighty God? Nothing is impossible with Him. I still haven’t fully wrapped my mind on the whole ordeal and I have stopped trying, but one thing I know is that I serve an omnipotent God. Nothing is too small or too big for Him.So matter what you are trusting God for,it may be trivial or mighty in your eyes,know God hears your prayers and will answer according to His will. Continue reading HOW I GOT MY ID BACK!!


Seasons of Life


Life is an enigma. No matter how long one has lived, one can never fully interpret its times. Life has a way throwing curve balls on our faces and swerving off the road we so carefully pave out for ourselves. Sometimes we look at other people’s lives and think there’s are much better or vice versa. What we do not realize is that life is seasonal and we all experience our seasons at different times. The seasons are so harmonized so that while each season has its own characteristics, one season could not operate on its own without the aid of the other three seasons .the seasons in life do not come any particular order unlike the weather pattern. When we fail to understand the different seasons in life, we lose out on learning and savoring that each season brings.


This is the coldest and the shortest season. It is characterized by snow and ice. Most animals go into hibernation and people wear their heaviest clothes. Some even wear all their clothes.

In life, this is the toughest time. When you do not understand what is happening in your life. Some lose their jobs, a loved one, friends or even health. This is when a marriage hits a rough path and everything seems grey.This is when trees look ugly, bent and twisted, more like how life seems at that time. We pray long and hard and it feels as if Heaven has shut down.

Giving up looks so appealing at this time. We look for a reason to hold on but us all we see is bleak. This is the dangerous time especially if one does not have patience, endurance or faith. Affairs in marriages bud, addicts becomes the escape route and suicidal thoughts common.

During this time, one should run to God’s lap of warmth. Faith is what will take you through. Have patience and a ‘This too shall pass’ mentality. Persevere, find joy in little things .instead on focusing on the thorns in life, focus on the roses, no matter how small they are. Pray hard and believe that even though you can’t see or hear God, His senses are better than yours. That this too, shall pass.


Spring is a prelude to summer. This is the rainiest season. Snow begins to melt and plants and vegetation begin to grow. Beautiful flower start blooming, bird hatch and animals come out of hibernation.

In retro-respect, this is a time of renewal, new growth and regeneration. The dark heavy clouds of life start clearing and the silver lining shines brightly. Life seems to be brighter and things are changing. Marriages and relationships that persevered during winter enjoy the beautiful flower of love, respect and honor. Careers take shape and new opportunities come up for those who worked hard during winter.

 Meditate all you learnt during winter. You have endured d winter with gust and spirit. Lose the winter clothes, face and attitude. Let gratitude be your disposition and praise your default. Pick out the roses and sing loudly in the shower. Take this time to also plant for the coming seasons Take risks and grab new opportunities. Make changes in your life. Redesign your house; get a new wardrobe even a new husband!



This is the hottest and the longest season. The sun is up and people are out in the beach. Nature is at its peak. Everyone looks hot! It’s a season of full and merriment. Most schools are out so the children are out and playing everywhere. Laughter and parties are everywhere.

It’s time for leisure and play. It also a time to water what was planted during spring .It’s a time of growth and stillness. Grow in your career, relationships, friendships and marriage. Cultivate on them. Come up with ideas on how to strengthen family bonds by going out for picnics, camps or fishing. Take time to visit with family and friends. Do courses to develop career-wise.

fall Autumn

This marks the transition from summer to winter. The temperatures are cool and chilly. Wind starts to blow and leaves start changing color and falling. Fruits are ripe and drooping with juice and succulence. This is a time of harvest. Animals begin to prepare for hibernation.

Being a season of fruition and harvest, the evidence of your hard work is now seen. This is where one gets a promotion in work, the girl you have being serious hitting on, finally says yes and marriage plans get underway. A lot breaks come through for those who worked hard to achieve a certain goals in life.

This is also a good time to prepare for winter. Invest in your finances. Save wisely and set up business or income generating projects. Establish healthy family routines such as reading together, praying together and family fun times. Get your life in order in every aspect.

Do not let the pain of one season destroy the joy of the rest. If you give up when its winter, you will miss out on the promise of spring, beauty of summer and the fulfillment of autumn. Do not judge life by one season. Persevere through difficult patches and savor the great ones.

Do not judge a tree or a person by only one season. The essence of who they are can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are up.

Happiness keeps you sweet,

Trails keep you strong,

Sorrows keep you human,

Failures keep you humble,

Success keeps you growing but only God keeps you going

Why Girls Are Harder To Raise Than Boys

Carrie Cariello

Dear Rose,

I have a confession to make. I didn’t want to have a girl.

We kept your gender a surprise throughout the pregnancy, but I was so sure you were a boy. We already had three boys, I knew how to handle boys, and everyone knows boys are easier.

But on a hot summer morning in late July, out you came; a pink baby girl.

I prepared myself for all the things people said were hard about girls, the whining and the tantrums and the emotional landmines. The battles over dresses and headbands and the right kinds of tights.

But so far, we haven’t really had any of that stuff.

I mean, yes, maybe you’ve had a few meltdowns over nothing and you cry a little more easily than your four brothers, but for the most part you are a very easy, pleasant girl. Quiet. A little on the…

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